William "Billy" Leahy

2018 International Sniper Competition, tactical training

William Leahy “Billy” Founder of 2EZ Tactical is a veteran of the U.S. Coast Guard with over 12 years of active duty under his belt, which included various military and law enforcement operations. Billy currently works  under the Counter Terrorism Division of the Department of State,deploying around the world training foreign special operations units in Sniper/Observer Operations, Crisis Response, Quick Reaction Forces, Personal Security Details, and Explosive Breaching techniques.

During his time with the Coast Guard, Billy spent more than 10 years in the Deployable Specialized Force Unit, Maritime Security Response Team (MSRT). He spent the last 4 years assigned to the Special Mission Training Detachment (SMTD) at MSST San Diego/MSRT-West. While there, Billy was responsible for developing and executing training plans as the lead instructor for Close Quarters Combat, Sniper/Observer, Reconnaissance/Surveillance, Breaching, Defensive Tactics and various insertion methods that resulted in the establishment of MSRT-West in 2017.

Before instructing, Billy was assigned to MSRT-East for 7 years where he maintained qualifications as a Direct Action Section (DAS) Squad Leader and Sniper/Observer Squad Leader.

Along with these major accomplishments, Billy is a highly-qualified competitive sniper, having won the 2017 US Army International Sniper Competition featured on the History channel placing 1st in service class and 3rd overall against 30 teams from around the world. 

Zach Snavely

Kenya Training, tactical training, firearms training

Zach Snavely has 13 years of experience active duty in the US Coast Guard’s Deployable Specialized Forces (DSF) Unit Maritime Security Response Team (MSRT) and 4 years of experience working for the US Department of State as a firearms and tactics instructor. 

Since 2015, Zach has been working under the Counter Terrorism division of the US Department of State, deploying around the world training foreign special operation units in Sniper/Observer tactics, Crisis response, Quick Reaction Force procedures, Personal Security Details, and Explosive Breaching techniques. 

During his time in the DSF Unit MSRT, Zach spent more than 6 years as a Tactical Operator conducting multiple deployments overseas in support of counter piracy, counter narcotics, counter terrorism, and personal security detail operations. He also maintained qualifications as a Direct Action Section Squad Leader, Team Medic, Breacher, and Communications Operator. 

Additionally, Zach lead many training evolutions conducting Advanced Combat Marksmanship, Close Quarters Combat, and Maritime Interdiction Operations.

When not overseas Zach instructs basic pistol and rifle classes on his property in Virginia, teaching a curriculum he designed around safe weapons handling and the fundamentals of marksmanship. Zach has a diverse background and can tailor his instruction to accommodate shooters with any experience level. 

Justin Wolfcale

Jordan Training, tactical training, firearms training

Justin Wolfcale, known to his friends and teammates as “Wolf”, is a dedicated professional with 12 years of military experience and 7 years of experience with the US Department of State. During his time on active duty his expertise was gained through assignments in the USCG Deployable Specialized Forces (DSF) Unit, Maritime Security Response Team (MSRT)

After his military career, Wolf worked extensively with the U.S. Department of State (DOS) Counter Terrorism (CT) Division. During his time with DOS and CT he deployed continuously in support of CT operations to the Middle East and other war-torn areas as an Advisor for National Security and Foreign Military operations. Wolf is a Master Training Specialist with a flawless history of leadership, planning, coordinating and executing Special Operations training for U.S. and allied forces. 

At the MSRT Wolf was instrumental creating MSRT East Standard Operating Procedures and Tactical Training Procedures. His areas of experience include Maritime Interdiction, Counter Piracy operations, Quick Reaction Force, Counter Narcotics operations, developing and executing training plans. 

Additionally, Wolf is an exceptional leader experienced in personal security details, Quick Reaction Force assignments, Counter-Assault tactics, Foreign Military Instruction, and Special Operations Mission Planning. 

His background is multi-faceted, with heavy emphasis on Advanced Combat Marksmanship, Close Quarters Combat, Hostage Rescue, Intelligence Exploitation, Maritime Special Operations, VBSS/GOPLATS, Counter Piracy and Counter Terrorism.